BXC Tracks


When our homie IGLOO sent over his remixes of those Ludacris tracks that we have been featuring on SKRATCH N SNIFF, he also included 2 tracks from Ludacris’ DTP / Def Jam artists BXC. They are from Chicago and know how to throw a little rock in with their hip-hop. Here’s the exclusive links, compliments of Luda and DTP! And when ya re-post them on your blog, make sure ya send some love back!



BXC – Whiteboy

BXC – Love Or Illusion (Wake Up)



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Ludacris IGLOO Remixes


So apparently there is a rapper from Atlanta who goes by the name of Ludacris, think you might have heard of him before. He did that song for the FRED CLAUS movie or something. He has hooked up with a producer in Atlanta named IGLOO to start a new rock remix project, and IGLOO sent us over some tracks that he remixed off the last Ludacris album. We’re playing the track "FOR HIP-HOP" on this weekend’s show, and we also have the tracks right here for you to download and enjoy wherever you go. Get your download on, and watch out for a collaboration with Ludacris, IGLOO, and SKRATCH N SNIFF coming soon!


Ludacris – For Hip Hop (Igloo rock remix)
[audio:http://snsmix.com/LUDA/For Hip Hop (igloo rock remix).mp3]

Ludacris – One More Drink (Igloo rock remix)
[audio:http://snsmix.com/LUDA/One More Drink (igloo rock remix).mp3]

Ludacris – Start Button (Igloo rock remix)
[audio:http://snsmix.com/LUDA/Start Button (igloo rock remix).mp3]

Ludacris – Stay Together (Igloo rock remix)
[audio:http://snsmix.com/LUDA/Stay Together (igloo rock remix).mp3]