The Roots “The Seed (2.0)” (VIDEO)

Long before they were the house band for The Tonight Show, The Roots were rocking it right. 2002’s THE SEED 2.0 was a remake of a song by Cody ChesnuTT, and they kept him in the mix for the chorus on this one. Catch this jam in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend!

A Tribe Called Quest “We The People” (VIDEO)

In 2016, there have been some great comeback albums from bands who had their first releases come out in the 1980s. Metallica, Green Day, and now A Tribe Called Quest. This jam has a Black Sabbath drum break as its foundation, while Q-Tip and the late Phife Dawg bring it on the mic. Catch WE THE PEOPLE in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend!

The XX – On Hold (VIDEO)

The excellent English trio The XX wrote and recorded a lot of their new album in Marfa, Texas, so it’s fitting that they shot the video for the first single ON HOLD in Marfa as well. Catch the Hall & Oates sample in here, it’s awesome. Groove to this tune in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend!

Rag’n’Bone Man “Human” (VIDEO)

Sometimes a song just HITS YOU. Please click play, then close your eyes for the first time through the song. Then, when it’s done, start over and watch along. Soulful, gospel, grimy, deep funk. Catch this new jam from Rag’n’Bone Man in the SNS Mix this weekend!

Blondie “Rapture” (VIDEO)

They sure don’t make music videos like they used to. Here’s a blast from the 1981 Disco Rap masterwork from Blondie that still sounds fresh today. We’ve got the Luxxury rework of RAPTURE in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend. Jam on it!