Rag’n’Bone Man “Human” (VIDEO)

Sometimes a song just HITS YOU. Please click play, then close your eyes for the first time through the song. Then, when it’s done, start over and watch along. Soulful, gospel, grimy, deep funk. Catch this new jam from Rag’n’Bone Man in the SNS Mix this weekend!

Blondie “Rapture” (VIDEO)

They sure don’t make music videos like they used to. Here’s a blast from the 1981 Disco Rap masterwork from Blondie that still sounds fresh today. We’ve got the Luxxury rework of RAPTURE in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend. Jam on it!

Yelawolf “Daylight” (VIDEO)

It feels like Christmas in October! Out of nowhere, Yelawolf dropped a new song and video – a soulful, whiskey soaked hand-clapper called DAYLIGHT. Catch it in the SNS ROCK Mix this weekend. Keep it 100 proof!!

Metallica “Hardwired” (VIDEO)

Metallica dropped an official video for their new screaming thrash jam HARDWIRED. Lyrics are NSFW, so keep your headphones near if it’s office time. You can hear this song kicking off the SNS ROCK Mix this weekend!

Ghost “Square Hammer” (VIDEO)

The video for the new Ghost song SQUARE HAMMER is part Scooby-Doo episode, part 1960s horror movie. The song and video are both awesome, and you can catch this jam in the SNS ROCK Mix this weekend!

K.Flay “Blood In The Cut” (VIDEO)

K.Flay has a powerful new tune out called BLOOD IN THE CUT, and this video matches the intensity of the song just perfectly. We love the dynamics and tension in this one! Catch it in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend.