7Lions “Born 2 Run” video

You know that we love mixing different styles of music together on SKRATCH N SNIFF, but we really love when artists make their own blend of styles and push the boundaries of genre to make something great.  The band 7Lions a new group who is doing just that.  This Los Angeles band blends rock, hip-hop, dance, and more to make some great songs which will be getting lots of airplay on SKRATCH N SNIFF.  Check out this video for their latest single “Born 2 Run” and check out their website http://www.7lions4ever.com for more info.

“Grinding The Crack” vs. “Sail”

We have been playing the AWOLNATION song “Sail” on SKRATCH N SNIFF a bit lately, and this guy puts a totally new meaning on the song which he uses as the soundtrack to some serious sailing.  This is about as crazy as a human can get right here!

Grinding The Crack

SKRATCH N SNIFF’s – Music As A Weapon 5 Megamix (Dj Scotty B Video Edit)

SKRATCH N SNIFF is incredibly honored to have been chosen by KORN and DISTURBED to mix the official MUSIC AS A WEAPON 5 Tour Megamixxx! This mix is 30 minutes of nonstop action from 2 of the biggest names in rock, all mashed and remixed SKRATCH N SNIFF style. Download the mix here soundcloud.com Music mixed by DJ Mike Czech for SKRATCH N SNIFF with additional production by DJ Scooter and imaging by Malcolm Ryker. snsmix.com twitter.com/snsmix facebook.com/snsmix soundcloud.com/snsmix Video mixed by DJ Scotty B djscottyb.com twitter.com/millerlitedj facebook.com/scott.bucher

“The Crazies” Trailer (SKRATCH N SNIFF REMIXXX)

You know that SKRATCH N SNIFF can mix any music you give us, but when the new movie THE CRAZIES bought some ads on SKRATCH N SNIFF, and after we peeped the flick, we had to remix the trailer too!! This is the first of many “SKRATCH N SNIFF Approved” movies!!