Portugal. The Man “Feel It Still” (VIDEO)

New tunes from Alaskan disco-alt quintet Portugal. The Man in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend. FEEL IT STILL.

Royal Blood “Lights Out” (VIDEO)

English power duo Royal Blood are back with new music in the SNS ROCK Mix this weekend. LIGHTS OUT.

Highly Suspect “My Name Is Human” (VIDEO)

These guys killed it at 98Rockfest in Tampa last night! Catch MY NAME IS HUMAN in the SNS Rock Mix this weekend.

Radkey “Dark Black Makeup” (VIDEO)

These three home-schooled brothers from Missouri really know how to put a song together! Catch the new jam from Radkey in the SNS ROCK Mix this weekend. DARK BLACK MAKEUP.

Johnny Cash “Hurt” (VIDEO)

There may not be a more moving music video than this one. The late great Johnny Cash with his rendition of Nine Inch Nails HURT. Catch a remix of this song in the SNS ROCK Mix this weekend.

Ded “Anti-Everything” (VIDEO)

Great to hear new hard-rocking songs with some rap flow on them in 2017! Ded shows you how to do it with their new song ANTI-EVERYTHING. You can hear this one in the SNS ROCK Mix this weekend!

Linkin Park ft. Kiiara “Heavy” (LIVE VIDEO)

Check out Linkin Park bringing their new collaboration with Kiiara to James Corden’s Late Late Show. Also, we think this is Chester’s open audition for the lead in the next Men In Black movie…

Manafest “Stones” (VIDEO)

The multi-talented Canadian rapper / rock artist Manafest dropped an inspiring new track called STONES. You can catch it in the SNS ROCK Mix this weekend, learn the lyrics now so you can sing along!!

Islander “Better Day” (VIDEO)

The Islander crew is back with a new uplifting jam BETTER DAY from their album Power Under Control. Is it just us, or does is look like Mikey is singing into a carrot in this video? Catch this tune in the SNS ROCK Mix this weekend!

Common Kings “Lost In Paradise” (VIDEO)

We’re keeping the island vibes in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend with this feel-good jam from Common Kings. Their LOST IN PARADISE album is in stores this Friday, Feb 3rd.