Show #552 Playlist (the Weekend of Sept 6/7)

Bush vs. LL Cool J – Going Back To Zen (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Stone Temple Pilots – Plush (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Beware of Darkness vs. The Black Keys – Howlin (Mike Czech Mashup)
Megadeth & Nine Inch Nails – Symphony Of Destruction (industrial remix)
Red – Death of Me (Guillotine Remix)

Otherwise – Die For You
RHCP vs. Lynyrd Skynrd – Sweet Home California (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Pop Evil – Trenches (Mike Czech Edit)
Korn vs. T.I. – Hold On Bring Em Out (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Volbeat – The Hangmans Body Count (Mike Czech Remixxx)

Hillbilly Herald – Shame on Me
Bad Religion – Sorrow (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Avenged Sevenfold – Hail To The King
Ram Jam – Black Betty (Pied Piper Regroove)
Papa Roach – Leader Of The Broken Hearts

AC/DC vs. Puddle Of Mudd – She Hates My TNT (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Heaven’s Basement – Fire, Fire (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Foo Fighters – One More Times Like These (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Muse vs. Gary Glitter & Norman Greenbaum – Uprising (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Pearl Jam – Mind Your Manners

Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up (feat Rob Halford of Judas Priest)
In This Moment vs. Billy Idol – Blood Yell (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Redlight King – Born To Rise
Crash Kings vs. Korn – Mountain Man Coming Undone (Mike Czech Remixxx)
Stone Temple Pilots – Out Of Time f/ Chester Bennington

The Dirty Heads – Cabin By The Sea (Mike Czech Remixxx)
The Prodigy VS Beastie Boys – Voodoo Sabotage (The Kleptones Mashup)
Big B & The Dirty Heads – Hangovers With You
Thousand Foot Krutch – Light Up The Sky (Solomon Olds Remix)
Five Finger Death Punch vs. DMX – Stranger Than Dog (Mike Czech Remixxx)

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