APC40 MKII (DJ Gear)

From DJ TechTools:

Akai’s APC line of Ableton Live controllers has seen a complete refresh just in time for the Musikmesse convention in Frankfurt, Germany. There are three new controllers that each target their own potential users. The original lineup was used by live performers around the world, and until Ableton’s Push was released, they were considered the most integrated controller option available for Ableton users.”


I use an APC40 to control Ableton in the studio.  I prefer to DJ live with Serato Scratch Live and turntables, but a lot of DJs these days use an APC40 as their main DJ controller.  The new APC40 MKII and it’s smaller brothers the APC Key25 and the APC Mini look quite useful as well.  Fellow DJs and producers, start saving your lunch money!

-Mike Czech





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