CMHHTD “Wildside” (Behind The Scenes & Video)

Legendary producer DJ Muggs, best known for his work with seminal hip hop act Cypress Hill announces his newest project, Cross My Heart Hope To Die. Cross My Heart Hope to Die will change your perceptions of art and challenge your expectations of music. CMHHTD transcends musical boundaries – the music exists as just one part of a larger project, ever evolving. At its foundation, this collective balances tangible art with striking visuals and an all encompassing soundtrack to create a total experience – each element as important as the other.

The sound system is the spark caused by the collision of producers DJ Muggs and Andrew Kline, with the addition of songstress Brevi, and curator Sean Bonner who adds to the art and technology side of the project. The sound is dark, cinematic, and very hard to pigeonhole. This genre bending experience will have fans from all walks of life bobbing their heads and digging deeper to enjoy the multimedia experience.

Cross My Heart Hope To Die’s self titled ep was released in April of 2013 on Alpha Pup Records. Their new album, Vita E Morte, is due out this Summer.

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