Crazy Town “Born to Raise Hell” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

The new single from Los Angeles music vets Crazy Town BORN TO RAISE HELL finds the band getting back to their early alternative hip-hop / beat driven roots. The drum-heavy, guitar-laced anthem features scratches taken from an old studio session with longtime band member DJ AM (RIP). BORN TO RAISE HELL definitely sounds like it could have been from their first album THE GIFT OF GAME.


After a 13 year break between studio albums, the band is back with a new full-length release. The new album is called BRIMSTONE SLUGGERS, which is a band name from their early collaborations in 1995.


According to vocalist EPIC: “After the response we got at the European festivals this past summer, I approached Seth (SHIFTY) about releasing a couple of songs we had written. At first it wasn’t at all about doing a whole new record, but just finishing these songs. The vibe in the studio was great, and a couple of new songs turned into a whole new record.”



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