City Mouth - Sanity For Summer [Skratch n' Sniff New Music Alert] FEATURE IMAGE

City Mouth Gives Us A Little “Sanity For Summer” [New Music Alert]

Carly Rae Jepsen Meets Blink 182???? Matt Pow, Vocalist for City Mouth, Tells Us About The Bands New Track “Sanity For Summer”.  See, Hear and Live More Below!

It’s been two long years since City Mouth dropped their first LP, Coping Machine, on Take This to Heart Records. In many ways, April 2020 was an awful time to release an album. However, it turned out that a locked-down world, riddled with stress and uncertainty, was kind of a fitting home for an anxious pop rock diary about feeling stuck in cycles of self-defeat. City Mouth and their fans felt all of the pain and redundancy together as the songs about trying to pretend everything’s okay became more and more relevant.

Things just got dark for a while, and City Mouth couldn’t be more grateful for the fans who made them feel like they weren’t all alone with their broken coping machines. Things didn’t turn out how they wanted, but the experience taught them that music’s power to connect people even in their most isolated times should never be taken for granted.

Now in 2022, with their members physically split between Chicago, Nashville, and Phoenix, City Mouth has never felt a stronger sense of unity and purpose. Preparing to release some of their most impressive music to date, the four friends are ready to re-enter the ring.

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