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408 Teams Up With TikTok Star Taylor Acorn For “Backfired”[Skratch n’ Sniff New Music Alert]

408 is back, and this time they brought TikTok superstar Taylor Acorn for a killer duet on the new track “Backfired”. Hear 408 bassist/vocalist Mark Faroudi talk about the new track and see, hear, read, LIVE more below

Alternative/pop-punk four-piece 408 are back with a brand new single and video for “Backfired” featuring Taylor Acorn. The song mixes together the unholy union of pop-punk and pop-country into one emotional gut-spilling duet that packs a potent punch.  Already “Backfired” already gained traction on TikTok’s platform pre-release where the song has already registered more than 250,000 views as fans continue to help push the song viral.

“Backfired” is the latest release from 408’s upcoming new album Out Of It, the debut album coming later this year under their new label deal Regime Music Group and BreakSilence Recordings.

408 got together with producers Nick Bailey and Kyle Fishman in Nashville in January of 2022. Everyone in that studio really wanted to write someone that resonated with the masses,” said 408 bassist/vocalist Mark Faroudi. “The band and producers came up with the concept of a toxic relationship that you can’t let go of, “backfiring” and put it into a country inspired alternative sounding song. The song came together very quickly and the band wanted to make the song a duet so that both the man and the woman’s perspective was seen in the track. Nick and Kyle then sent the song to Taylor and she loved it. Taylor put her past experiences and passion into the second verse and last chorus of the track. The work and passion that was put in by everyone involved made the song special and something that will turn heads in 2022 and beyond.”


408 are riding high from a series of successful singles from their upcoming album Out Of It, which has brought their monthly listeners just under 100,000 on Spotify and helped their streams soar past 5 million already this year.  As more and more new fans are welcoming to 408’s eclectic sound, the band has also drawn press from the likes of Alternative Press, EarMilk, and Rock Sound Magazine. Even legendary pop-punker Mark Hoppus joined in the discussion when the band released “Mark Hoppus”, an homage to the blink-182 frontman, sharing the video on social media and saying, “Very honored! But have I ever been cool? Even without the name check it’s a jam!”

408 recently signed with Regime Music Group and BreakSilence Recordings to release the band’s debut album, Out Of It, on October 28th. The album was recorded with platinum award-winning producer/engineer Andrew Wade and Andy Karpovck (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep) at The Audio Compound in Orlando. Out Of It aims to revitalize the anthemic songs that became soundtracks to countless Warped Tour or skate videos.

408 brings back the nostalgia of late 90s/early 2000s pop-punk and mixes in fresh elements of EDM, hip-hop and electronica to create something fresh and original. After releasing a series of EPs to break onto the scene, 408 was named one of Earmilk’s “Top Alt-Rock Bands of Summer 2020” and quickly became editorial playlist darlings at Apple Music and Spotify. 408 is finding their home blending the familiar pop-punk sound of yesteryear with today and tomorrow’s alternative, hip-hop, and EDM influences.

Hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, Taylor Acorn grew up on early 90’s & 2000’s pop punk/pop rock. She first left her mark in the country music world with her 2017 single “Put It In a Song”, which now has amassed more than 50 million streams. However, she never felt at home creating country music and in the midst of the 2020 pandemic went back to her pop punk roots with her cover of “Jamie All Over” on Tik Tok, sparking the attention of many elder emo fans as well as Mayday Parade themselves. Since then, she has gained the attention of many emo/pop punk bands with her newly rendered versions of their songs and infectious originals.

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