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Guns N’ Roses Release 2022 Version Of November Rain

The New Version is from the upcoming "Use Your Illusion" box set

Guns N’ Roses have gifted us a NEW 2022 version of their 1991 epically bombastic hit “November Rain” featuring a monstrous 50-piece orchestra.

The updated and newly remastered version has been released as part of the new “Use Your Illusion I & II 30th Anniversary reissue which is out next Friday (November 11th)

The 2022 version becomes even more robust. Yes, you heard me, more robust.  How does one achieve such a thing? I’ll tell ya- With a full orchestra for starters, tempani percussion and woodwinds to finish it off. 

Steve Wilson and Christopher Lennartz handled the mixing. The latter for the new orchestral parts and the former taking on the complexity of the original version. 

The New Version of “November Rain” is just a teaser to the many treats any super fan of Use Your Illusion will enjoy.(Hello, Christmas Present.) The Super Deluxe Edition is the Ultimate get as it boasts 97 songs, including 63 previously unreleased tracks and sells for a whopping 499.98 

In addition to the original albums, previously unreleased concert recordings from a show in New York in 1991 and Las Vegas in 1992 are spread across EIGHT  vinyl LP’s. 

The included Blu-ray Disc features the complete “Live In New York” concert film freshly transferred from 35mm film prints to 4K UHD. 

Pre-order the collection in its many formats via Guns N’ Roses Merch site. Below you can stream the 2022 Version. 

Listen to the Retaliators Movie Mix

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