FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Singer Ivan Moody Wants You To Get High

Collabs With Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary




Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch  has announced his own line of cannabis products. Greenings by Moody’s Medicinals promises to offer high-quality flower, pre-rolls, as well as an assortment of gummies and other edibles. Shout out to  Exhale Brands and Dispensary in Moody‘s home of Las Vegas for the collaboration of the year, and making this possible.

“For years, I’ve had a very public struggle with alcohol addiction, and being prescribed an excessive amount of medication for my imbalances felt overwhelming and completely non-conducive to recovery,” said Moody. “I wanted something natural that wouldn’t leave me poisoned with sluggish side effects that countered my life on the road. Greenings was born as a result of the emotional and physical relief I found through cannabis and through my partnership with Exhale Brands, we created a powerful line made with the most high-quality ingredients that’s reflective of my edgy lifestyle.”

Pete Findley, CEO of Exhale Brands, said in a statement, “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Ivan Moody on his new cannabis line. Between his global success with Five Finger Death Punch along with his Moody’s Medicinals line of CBD products, Ivan brings a unique passion to everything he touches.”

Moody first began Moody’s Medicinals in 2019 with a focus on CBD and other hemp-derived products. You can check out some of those items right here on their website

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