STRUNG OUT Frontman JASON CRUZ Returns With Upcoming Psychedelic Outlaw Folk Album “WOLVES” & New SINGLE “Good Hands”

STRUNG OUT vocalist Jason Cruz has announced details for his outlaw folk project JASON CRUZ AND HOWL’s new album WOLVES.  The album will surface in spring 2023 under his new deal with Liars Club Records, the new label formed by Amigo The Devil and indie powerhouse Regime Music Group. With the new album on the horizon, Jason Cruz and Howl released the lead single “GOOD HANDS” on all platform Friday (January 27)

“This record was born of loss. Before the pandemic, I had lost my best friend and bass player, Chris Stein, to cancer. It took me years to start writing a new Howl record again,” recalls Jason Cruz. “This new record is a reflection of me not being afraid anymore. I’ve always tried to be that way when it comes to art and music, but with Wolves I felt more free than I ever had before and just embraced it. This album is a reminder nothing ever really dies; it just turns to something else. Sometimes pain can help fuel you creatively, and in turn, guide you out of the darkness. Wolves is a record of healing, taking chances, and a new beginning.”

The album’s lead single “Good Hands” combines elements of Americana, pop, and dark psychedelics that stray from the expectations that would normally shackle the frontman of a legendary punk outfit. The song has a cinematic vibe that offers a masterclass in storytelling as the song drifts through the air like cigarette smoke and old country radio.

“This track is definitely the most ‘polished’ song on the album. I actually threw it in the trash at one point, because I had re-wrote and tweaked it so many times,” remembers Cruz. “Eventually it turned out to be one of the best songs on the record.”

Rooted in Americana and dark psychedelic murderfolk, Howl flickers like late-night television noir, high on mescaline and American promises. Jason Cruz and Howl’s new album “Wolves” is available for pre-order HERE.

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