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Brother Hawk Video PREMIER for single “The Dreamer”

We have a special treat for you guys. A VIDEO PREMIER! We love to unearth new music for you, be it on the air on digitally. Today we are sharing the band Brother Hawk with you. We first came across them when they did a cover of the Alice in Chains song “Nutshell” and since then we have have been hooked. 

Scroll all the way down to read more, watch the video, share with your friends and hell, make sure you let us know what you think. 

Atlanta rock four-piece Brother Hawk have released the title track to their upcoming new album The Dreamer online.  The title and song were inspired by the passing of Brother Hawk guitarist/singer JB Brisendine’s father who passed away. He was an integral member of the band performing on all the band’s previous records.
“My dad visits me in my dreams. Sometimes in small ways, and sometimes very directly. I always wake up feeling complete when I dream about him,” said Brother Hawk guitarist/singer JB Brisendine. “The intro describes mornings at our house. This song was actually a riff from an old band that Sean, James, and I had called Crossbearer. The song was called ‘Ocean of Ice’, and the opening line of the verse is the same as that song. “Do moments one by one fall into place?” My good friend Richard Spencer wrote that lyric and it was a fun way to pay homage to the original song.”
During the recording process for the song, Brother Hawk was greeted by none other than Brent Hinds from Mastodon who had dropped by the studio for a visit and offered some advice for the track.
“When I was doing the solo for ‘The Dreamer’, Brent showed up. He kept telling me to go lower in the intro and I didn’t want to,” laughs Brisendine. “Finally Brent was like, ‘Just double it with the lower octave’ and I agreed. Now it sounds huge!” 
Brother Hawk’s new album The Dreamer is set for a March 31st, 2023 release date through Liars Club, the new label founded by Amigo The Devil. The Dreamer was recorded with producer Tom Tapley (Blackberry Smoke, Mastodon) at West End Sound in Atlanta, GA and channels all of the band’s unique influences into one complex tapestry of raging Southern blues-rock riffs, epic-sounding organ, and soulful vocals that give you goose-bumps.

At its core Brother Hawk is a family. Sitting at the head of the table is guitarist/singer JB Brisendine with his right-hand keyboardist/singer Nick Johns-Cooper beside him. The two met in elementary school, bonding over music and becoming lifelong friends ever since. Bassist James Fedigan joined the Brother Hawk family after playing with Brisendine in hardcore bands, forming a friendship and musical bond. Brother Hawk started as a way for the members to play without musical limitations, no preconceived genre, and just let the music channel through them like a vessel. Brother Hawk burst onto the scene with their debut EP Love Songs, which drew critical acclaim for their brand of Southern blues-rock with raging riffs and huge hooks. Playing shows with fellow Atlanta outfit Blackberry Smoke helped them earn a devoted core following, as they continued to win over massive audiences playing Atlanta’s infamous Tabernacle and Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium.

I just watched the video for the first time on my tv in my living room, where we filmed it. Where Nick and I started our first band almost 30 years ago. In the house that my Dad built, that i grew up in. I’m singing on the bed where my Dad and Mom slept for over 30 years. All these things that i didn’t think about while we were filming. It’s just my house now, i don’t confront myself with the history every day when i wake up, i just take comfort in it. But watching here in this room i can say that I’m so proud of it. I know Dad would love everything about it. This is a tribute to him in every way. From the intro where he would play the harmonica, to the end where he would stand on stage next to me while i played an absurdly long guitar solo and he loved every second of it. I could see it in his eyes every time. So did I.

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