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Get To Know NEW Artist The Kaleidoscope Kid; Listen To Latest Song “Bite The Bullet”

About a year ago we introduced you to the Arizona artist and indie newcomer The Kaleidoscope Kid. You may have heard his track Watermelon Kisses in the SNSMix over the last 12 months. 

We asked Josh, that’s his given name, what 5 things we should know about him. He did not disappoint. Scroll alllllll the way down to watch “5 things you should know…”

The Psychedelic indie punk pop  gypsy (insert more adjectives here until we can come up with a genre name) artist dubbed  The Kaleidoscope Kid announced his sophomore album, Nothing For Free, which will drop this spring and is brought to you by indie underground legends Suburban Noize Records.

The lead track  “Bite theBullet” was written, recorded, and produced by The Kaleidoscope Kid with mixing and mastering by Matthew Campbell at Vaul Studios in Scottsdale, AZ.  Nothing For Free will take the eclectic sound established on The Kaleidoscope Kid’s 2022 self-titled debut album to new levels. This generation seamlessly transitions and blends all genres and this is done with expert precision. Combining elements of alternative punk rock, indie, gypsy, and hip-hop with a psychedelic twist.

The album speaks about   the struggles The Kaleidoscope Kid dealt with as he transitioned from small town Arizona to big city, entertainment business life in LA, while this isn’t a tale that hint been told before we do love to hear about personal experiences in art. 


“This album was written while moving from my hometown of Phoenix to the busy streets of Los Angeles with starry eyes and a guitar slung over my shoulder,” Murphy said. “I remember walking to a show in downtown L.A. and was struck by the polarization of poverty and wealth that co-existed in this strange land. Homeless people asking for money and food while tourists shuffled past them as if they were ghosts. All with a backdrop of Five-star hotels, luxury brand stores, skyscrapers, and Teslas. The words ‘nothing for free’ echoed in my head as I thought about all the money and politics that infest the music industry. I had often been contemplating how and why as a culture we had found ourselves perpetuating the perversion of art for money. I couldn’t help but feel as though we had taken something so beautiful and corrupted it at its core all in the name of the all mighty dollar.” TKK

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