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Blink 182 Cancels Show At Lollapalooza Brazil; Twenty One Pilots Replaces

Earlier this week it was announced on Tom Delonge’s Instagram page the pop-punk trio would have to cancel upcoming shows on the 2023 reunion tour due to another Travis Barker injury and subsequent surgery.

Among those dates cancelled was Lollapalooza in Chile.  Travis, Mark and Tom  would perform for the first time in the country. Looks like they will have to come back next year, health permitting. 

Talking the place of Blink-182 for the South American dates is the rock duo Twenty-One Pilots. The band is comprised of friends and rockers Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. The guys were set to take a break from touring but was called upon to stand in for Blink-182. 



It turns out Mark from Blink is a fan of Twenty One Pilots, enough to make a mashup via his very active twitter page. (circa 2019)


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