Blink-182 Add Show at Coachella to Reunion Tour With Tom DeLonge

We’re all already thrilled that guitarist-vocalist Tom DeLonge and blink-182 are reuniting and touring this year. The pop-punk legends have since added a last-minute Coachella 2023 appearance, which will be their first return on the stage as a group.

Through 2024, the blink-182 tour was previously scheduled to visit every country. However, it was initially scheduled to begin in Mexico last month and then travel to South America. Before the tour officially kicks out in May, the presence at Coachella has practically taken the place of those engagements.

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“See you at Coachella on Friday 6:30pm Sahara Tent,” DeLonge tweeted on Thursday (April 13) alongside a photo from blink-182’s concert rehearsals.

The picture depicts what appears to be DeLonge’s stage setup, with the autocue screen displaying the profanity-filled lyrics of blink’s “Family Reunion” on it.

Blink-182 announced last month that they would postpone the start of their tour due to Travis Barker, the band’s drummer, being injured. At that point, the dates in Mexico and South America were postponed.

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