Breaking Benjamin Have Been Working on First New Album in 5 Years, Guitarist Confirms

Ember, Breaking Benjamin’s most recent studio album, was released in 2018, and a lot has changed since then. They’ve been working on a new album, which will be their first in five years, according to guitarist Jasen Rauch, who fortunately verified that they have.

Since the release of Ember, the rockers have performed at least a few times year, including in 2020, just before the COVID-19 epidemic brought about a worldwide shutdown. They are currently on the road with Bush for a North American tour, and from late July to early September they will return to the road with Disturbed. However, 2020’s Aurora, which includes a number of reworked songs in addition to a brand-new song titled “Far Away,” is the only new album they have released since Ember.

“We are working on music. We’ve been writing for quite a while. And regardless of whether we were able to record anything or not, we’ve been writing for a little over a year, I would say” Rauch hinted during a recent interview with Michigan’s 97.9 WGRD.

“We kind of keep the bar pretty high for ourselves as far as the standard moving forward. We’ve been experimenting with some things, throwing some things out, started over a couple of times, and are getting to a place where we’re pretty happy.”

While the band has spent some time in the studio, they have also worked remotely, with vocalist Benjamin Burnley exchanging voice memos back and forth with various ideas, the guitarist continued.

with vocalist Benjamin Burnley sending voice memos back and forth with different ideas.

“And we’ll record something and send it back and forth. But, yeah, we’re looking forward to it. And hopefully we’ll have something out soon for everybody to hear,” he stated

Listen to the interview below.

Breaking Benjamin’s next performance is scheduled for tomorrow night (May 16) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. See all of the upcoming dates and get your tickets here.

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