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Slipknot Part Ways With Craig Jones, Delete Statement

Slipknot Part Ways with Keyboardist Craig Jones

In a stunning announcement, Slipknot has officially bid farewell to keyboardist Craig Jones. The masked metal giants took to their social media platforms to share the news with their devoted fans, expressing well-wishes for Jones’ future endeavors.

Known within the band as 133, Craig Jones held the esteemed position of No. 5 among the nine-member ensemble. His journey with Slipknot began back in the early days of 1996, joining the group shortly after they wrapped up the recording of their demo album, “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.”

Initially stepping in to fill the void left by guitarist Donnie Steele, Jones eventually carved his niche as a skilled sampler and keyboard player for Slipknot. Remarkably, he held the title of the band’s second-longest serving member, with only Shawn “Clown” Crahan boasting a lengthier tenure.

Jones’ inaugural contribution to the band’s discography was the iconic self-titled album, unleashed upon the world in 1999. Throughout his remarkable career with Slipknot, he made his mark on a total of seven albums, culminating in their latest sonic masterpiece, “The End, So Far,” released in 2022.

Renowned for his distinctive appearance, Jones frequently adorned his mask with menacing spikes, further solidifying his unique presence within the band’s visual aesthetic.

This breaking news comes at a time when Slipknot faces additional challenges, as percussionist Clown recently disclosed his temporary absence from upcoming shows. He shared that he will be prioritizing the care of his wife, who is currently battling health issues.

While the band has yet to reveal their plans regarding a potential replacement for Jones, fans are left wondering if a fill-in musician will be recruited or if Slipknot will ultimately seek a permanent addition to their ranks. Stay tuned for further updates on this electrifying development.

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