INCUBUS To Release Re-Recorded Version Of ‘Morning View’

They will play Morning View in its entirety at the Hollywood Bowl Show in October

Incubus completely re-recorded their 2001 album Morning Again, taking a cue from Taylor Swift. In order to embrace a much lighter alt-rock sound, Brandon Boyd and company almost entirely discarded their nu-metal influences for the album, as evidenced by massive songs like “Wish You Were Here” and “Nice to Know You.”

Incubus has now made the decision to repaint Morning Again. Morning Again XXIII, which the band has recorded with Virgin Music, offers completely new takes on every song from the band’s previous album.

On October 6th at the Hollywood Bowl, Incubus will perform the full record as well as other highlights from their catalogue to commemorate the event. Tickets can be found here.





"We are excited to partner up with Virgin to release Morning View XXIII," Boyd said in a press release. "And we can't wait to perform it live for the fans at The Hollywood Bowl. Morning View XXIII will give our fans a fresh new take on the songs and we look forward to sharing it with everyone when it drops on Oct 6th!"

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