The Armed are dancing pedestrians on “Liar 2”

Get ready for a musical treat later this month as The Armed gear up to unveil their highly anticipated fourth studio album, titled “Perfect Saviors.” Following the success of their 2021 masterpiece “ULTRAPOP,” the hardcore maestros hailing from Detroit are back with a bang. Already dropping the exhilarating tracks “Sport of Form” and “Everything’s Glitter,” the excitement soars higher as the band releases their latest single, “Liar 2,” accompanied by an electrifying choreographed dance video featuring the dynamic duo, Dan Greene and Crystal Robinson, grooving effortlessly on the city sidewalks.

In a candid chat, Tony Wolski, the band’s mesmerizing vocalist and co-producer of the upcoming album, shares, “Our fascination with contrasts and our pursuit of melding seemingly unrelated elements to uncover fresh aesthetic vibes and emotional echoes really shines through. ‘Liar 2’ is a jubilant, foot-tapping anthem that paradoxically delves into the depths of desolation, where embracing falsehoods and illusions becomes a survival instinct.”

Mark your calendars for August 25th as Perfect Saviors, the magnum opus arriving via Sargent House, boasts an eclectic lineup of collaborators. Expect mind-blowing contributions from music luminaries such as Julien Baker, the enchanting Sarah Tudzin of illuminati hotties, the virtuoso Matt Sweeney, the rhythmic sorcery of Mark Guiliana, the evocative Patrick Shiroishi, the legendary Justin Meldal-Johnsen, and a host of other stellar talents. This album beautifully concludes a thematic trilogy, dissecting the very essence of “pop culture” in an era where information and connections are boundless.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of The Armed’s sonic journey by snagging your tickets to the exhilarating Perfect Saviors Tour, currently available for purchase. Stay tuned for more tour dates that will be revealed soon, promising even more opportunities to catch these musical titans in action.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of The Armed’s “Liar 2” music video below, and get ready to groove to their irresistible tunes.

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