BADBADNOTGOOD rework three Turnstile songs on surprise joint project

New Heart Designs is streaming now.

Turnstile and BADBADNOTGOOD Unite to Deliver Fresh EP Collaboration: “New Heart Designs”

In an electrifying fusion of musical talents, Turnstile and BADBADNOTGOOD have come together to create an exciting new EP. Titled “New Heart Designs,” this collaborative masterpiece breathes new life into three tracks from Turnstile’s 2021 hardcore sensation, “GLOW ON” – namely, “Mystery,” “Underwater Boi,” and the captivating Dev Hynes collaboration, “Alien Love Call.” Renowned for their innovative jazz stylings, the Canadian trio BADBADNOTGOOD lends their unique touch to these tracks, producing reworks that redefine musical boundaries.

Immerse yourself in the entire EP below, where you can experience the exhilarating results of this dynamic partnership. As an added treat, you’ll also find a meticulously crafted video, skillfully filmed and edited by none other than Fiddlehead’s creative mind, Alex Henery.

In a notable highlight, Turnstile made waves in May by contributing their compelling track, “No Rules,” to Tim Robinson’s popular Netflix series, “I Think You Should Leave.” This song provided the perfect sonic backdrop to a memorable sketch, in which the character portrayed by Biff Wiff embarks on a journey of self-discovery, learning to embrace his individuality.

Meanwhile, BADBADNOTGOOD continues to make waves of their own, with their 2021 album “Talk Memory” leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

Don’t miss out on the sonic adventure that is “New Heart Designs” – a testament to the boundless possibilities of musical collaboration.

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