Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Defends Government’s Withholding of UFO Information

A few weeks back, a whistleblower gave testimony in court affirming the existence of “nonhuman biologics” within the U.S. government’s possession, retrieved from an alleged aircraft crash. Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 found vindication in this revelation, as it confirmed his belief in the reality of extraterrestrial life. However, he has also stood by the government’s decision to withhold UFO-related information from the public.

DeLonge has immersed himself in the study of UFOs for numerous years, having established the research firm To the Stars, Inc. in 2015, which later evolved into the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences. Notably, this organization shared UFO footage initially published by The New York Times, and subsequently, the U.S. Navy officially acknowledged and released these clips in 2020.

During a recent hearing conducted by the House Oversight Committee, the whistleblower’s claim regarding the government’s possession of nonhuman remains prompted a former U.S. Navy commanding officer to reference DeLonge and the To The Stars Academy in their testimony. “This very organization championed the cause with esteemed industry experts and officials from the USG, collaborating alongside Leslie Keane, Ralph Blumenthal, and Helene Cooper to pen the December 2017 articles in The New York Times that acknowledged the USG’s examination of UAPs. This marked the end of the UFO topic’s stigma, and it has led us to this point today,” the officer stated.

“The publication of those articles has unlocked a door for both the Government and the public, and that door cannot be shut. It has generated interest among our elected representatives, who are not engrossed in the concept of ‘Little Green men,’ but are instead dedicated to unraveling the nature of these craft, their origin, technological capabilities, and mode of operation. Moreover, it played a role in the incorporation of the Whistleblower Protection Act within the recent NDAA, which brings us to our present situation.” In a fresh social media post, DeLonge shared his perspective on the government officials involved in UFO investigations. “Like many others who delve into the unknown, I too was once unaware. Those within the government tackling the authentic UFO enigma are devoted patriots with strong ethics, diligently striving to make a difference,” he articulated. “Certain individuals may have made mistakes due to an ambiguous lack of oversight. But—what choices would any of us make if entrusted with such a burden?” he pondered.

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