Get To Know Tampa Rockers Weapons of Anew

Weapons of Anew is a hard rock band that delivers powerful music with exceptional guitar playing. Formed in the mid-2010s, the band’s journey is intertwined with the story of its guitarist and songwriter, Freddy Ordine, who previously had made a name for himself with his first band, HavocHate. Formed in the late-1990s, HavocHate quickly garnered attention for their aggressive sound and heavy riffing. Ordine’s guitar skills and songwriting prowess were evident during his time with HavocHate, setting the stage for his future success with Weapons of Anew.

Having stepped away from HavocHate, and music in general, the formation of Weapons of Anew marked a new chapter in Ordine’s musical journey.  The original Weaponsline-up consisted of Ray West on vocals, Stefan “Reno” Cutrupi on bass, Chris Manfre on drums, and Ordine on lead guitar. Together, they created a sound that was aunique blend of hard rock and alternative metal, with powerful vocals and intricate guitar work taking center stage.

In 2017, Weapons of Anew unleashed their debut album, The Collision of Love and Hate. The album received critical acclaim for its melodic compositions, thought-provoking lyrics, and, notably, Ordine’s exceptional guitar playing. Critics praised his ability to seamlessly transition from blistering guitar solos to soul-stirring melodies, solidifying his place as a guitar virtuoso to watch.

Magazines like Guitar World and Premier Guitar dedicated features to him, lauding his ability to captivate audiences with both his technical prowess and the raw emotions he conveyed through his instrument. Freddy’s style was often described as a fusion of classic rock influences with a modern edge, making him a standout in a crowded music landscape.

Following the success of their debut, Weapons of Anew continued to build their reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Weapons of Anew‘s live performances were atestament to their talent and charisma. They had the privilege of sharing the stage with some of rock’s biggest names, including tours with Tesla, Alter Bridge, Scott Stapp and more, which further expanded their fanbase and solidified their reputation as a formidable live act.

The band started recording a second album, releasing their cover of The Chainsmokers “Sick Boy” as a prelude in September 2020, becoming a Top 20 Active Rock track. After a brief hiatus for a move to Florida and a line-up change, the much anticipated second release, Art of War, will start seeing the light of day. The recently released ”Angel Has Fallen” is the first song in a trilogy of tracks that tie together to tell the story of one’s inner struggles and how they can consume and take you over.  The second song is called “Demons” and the trilogy concludes with “Take You Down.”

The current Weapons of Anew line up features Ordine and his partner in music, Reno, with Dunté Mason (vocals), Nick Farahvashi (guitars) and Julius Mendoza (drums).

Weapons of Anew‘s journey is one marked by musical excellence, and their success can be attributed in part to Ordine’s exceptional guitar playing and songwriting skills. From his early days with HavocHate to his current role as the lead guitarist and songwriter of Weapons of Anew, Freddy’s musical evolution is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. With an acclaimed debut album under their belt and a series of memorable tours, Weapons of Anew continues to carve their path in the world of modern rock, leaving behind a legacy of powerful music and breathtaking guitar performances.

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