Hailey Williams of Paramore

Hailey Williams Gives Update On Health, Paramore and Tour

 We’ve got some Paramore info for you directly, from and their frontwoman Hayley Williams.  Paramore had to hit pause on their sold out shows due to   Hayley’s lung infection that decided to throw a party – a not-so-fun one, mind you. Luckily,  she’s been keeping us in the loop through the Paramore Discord, sharing some real talk.

She gave us the tea, “I don’t cough all day and night anymore,” which is pretty much a lung party spoiler. And guess what? She’s on a mission to reclaim her stomach’s good vibes from a medicine meltdown: “My stomach is still f***ed from 10 kinds of medication.” Moral of the story, an antibiotic trail mix can reek havoc on your gut..

But here’s the silver lining – Hayley’s found the upside of this chaotic medley. She’s “happy to be resting more,” and honestly, who wouldn’t be? Netflix and chill might just become Netflix and heal.

 Despite their recent album drop (This Is Why, in case you missed it), they’ve tiptoed back into the studio. Hayley and the gang – Zac and Taylor – have been itching to create. She put it like this: “We’ve been craving that for a while now. Not only the creative process but the layer(s) of insulation that can come with the creative process.” If you’re wondering what that means, don’t worry, so are we. But it sounds cool, right?

While fighting off lung parties, Hayley’s been in a cinematic whirlwind. She’s clocked “Yellowjackets,” several music docs, and a bunch of other flicks. But guess what took up most of her screen time? Social media.(Shocker)  Yep, the world of likes, shares, and endless scrolling. She described her phone attachment as “DISGUSTING,” which is incredibly relatable. 

What about all those cancelled shows, you ask?  Yeah, they’re not totally scrapped, just postponed a bit. She even cheekily schooled a person who tried to compare her lung infection to the broken leg of one Dave Grohl, pointing out that singing with a lung infection is a tad trickier. 

So, there you have it, folks – Hayley’s lung party, her Netflix watchlist, and her complicated relationship with social media. The Paramore crew is already back in action, ready (almost) to grace the stage with their powerful energy. 


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