Metallica Classics Given Bluegrass Makeover With Anniversary Release

CMH Records is throwing a shindig to commemorate the 20th birthday of their legendary “Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica.” They’re busting out the fancy limited vinyl edition of this toe-tapping masterpiece and adding some new-fangled visuals with a fresh music video.

This album, a relic from the vaults dating back to October 14th, 2003, showcases the Southern charm of Iron Horse as they twang their way through iconic Metallica hits like “Fade To Black,” “Enter Sandman,” “Ride the Lightning,” “The Four Horsemen,” and then some.

Iron Horse, those plucky folks from Alabama, are ringing in the two-decade mark by dropping a brand spankin’ new music video, featuring their rendition of “Nothing Else Matters.” Tony Robertson, the banjo-wielding sage, had this to say about the album: “Out of all the gigs we’ve put on since this gem, none quite match the wild rollercoaster of a ride we embarked on with ‘Fade.’

“It was like taking bluegrass, giving it a rebellious makeover, and discovering a whole new groove. We mashed together two worlds that seemed as different as night and day, and presto! A whole new eargasmic experience was born. ‘Ride The Lightning’ was the pièce de résistance, the tune that made us feel like we were zipping through a thunderstorm of musical creativity – it was like catching lightning in a bottle.”

Don’t dilly-dally, watch the spectacle of their new video down yonder and snag the vinyl for your auditory pleasure right here.

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