This past Saturday (Oct. 28), the Foo Fighters rocked the Saturday Night Live stage, marking their triumphant return since the sad day in March 2022 when we bid farewell to the irreplaceable drummer extraordinaire, Taylor Hawkins. And let me tell you, it was a night of sheer awesomeness with a side of Dave Grohl’s delightful sketch shenanigans. But wait, the pièce de résistance? None other than the legendary thespian, Christopher Walken, finally getting the band’s name right when he introduced them, and the crowd went wild!

Now, let’s rewind the clock to the days of yore, back in 2003, when both Walken and the Foo Fighters graced the SNL stage. In a moment that would become the stuff of rock ‘n’ roll legend, Walken casually asked the band, “Is it ‘Foo’ with the accent or ‘Fighters’?” They responded, “Actually, the accent is on ‘Fighters.'” But lo and behold, Walken, in all his Walkenesque glory, still managed to twist it up. Fast-forward 20 years to the night we just witnessed, and Walken had a redemption arc that would make even Hollywood jealous. He welcomed the sextet with a crystal-clear pronunciation.

As for the music, the Foo Fighters graced us with two performances from their latest album, “But Here We Are,” which dropped in 2023. They belted out the hit single “Rescued” and the album’s final gem, “The Glass.” And can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this marked the debut of their new drummer, Josh Freese, on the SNL stage? The precision and emotional depth they brought to those tracks left us all in awe.

But wait, there’s more! “The Glass,” introduced by the charming host Nate Bargatze, saw the sensational R&B singer/songwriter H.E.R. joining forces with the Foo Fighters on guitar and backing vocals. Rumor has it that she’s about to drop her own version of “The Glass,” and if her on-stage chemistry with the Foo Fighters is any hint, it’s going to be nothing short of spectacular.

Now, let’s dive into the land of Grohl hilarity. In one sketch, they gave us a taste of country/yacht rock with the made-up band Mudpuddle (not to be confused with Puddle of Mudd) presenting their music video for “Lake Beach.” Picture this: Grohl himself appears as one of their cantankerous uncles who’s as pleasant as a cactus in a water balloon fight. He starts a heated argument with a kid about the fine art of cornhole, and if that’s not funny enough, his look, complete with a luscious mullet and flashy yellow shades, had us rolling in the aisles. He even joins Mudpuddle in a musical crescendo and moonlights as their pastor.

The other sketch puts the spotlight on a mid-air dispute among the cast members, arguing about the best jobs during a flight to Newark, N.J. Then, out of nowhere, Grohl emerges from the back of the plane, masquerading as a doctor (sort of). You’ll have to watch the whole sketch to uncover the zany twist!

Let’s not forget the promo bumpers for the episode, which showcased the Foo Fighters decked out as characters from “The Wizard of Oz.” Talk about getting into the Halloween spirit with a rock ‘n’ roll twist!

You can catch all these wild and wonderful moments in the clips below. Enjoy the Foo-tastic ride!


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