The 12 Rules If You Want to Be Fear Factory’s New Fill-In Bassist The 12 Rules If You Want to Be Fear Factory’s New Fill-In Bassist

If you’re eyeing the bass slot for Fear Factory, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the band’s prerequisites for their interim bassist search, prompted by Tony Campos‘ dual commitment with Static-X.

Fear Factory aims to find a temporary replacement, given Campos’ concurrent obligations. However, aspiring candidates must adhere to a set of criteria laid out by the band.

Their list of twelve qualifications serves as a filtering mechanism, starting with a significant criterion: proficiency with a pick rather than fingers—a preference that might deter some applicants but aligns with Fear Factory’s vision.

In a lighthearted exchange within the comments section, when someone jokingly suggested the need for a guitarist mistakenly handed a bass, the band responded positively, indicating openness to unconventional approaches.

Touring Prerequisites

Some items on the list are straightforward necessities for touring musicians. These include prior touring experience (Item 2), possessing a valid passport (Item 3), crucial for international tours, and residing in the U.S. (Item 10), facilitating logistics.

Instrument and Performance Specifications

The band specifies a preference for a 5-string bassist (Item 8) and mandates in-ear monitors for the click track (Item 9). Most importantly, applicants must submit a performance video of “Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” (Item 11) to be considered.

Personal Compatibility

Beyond musical prowess, personal compatibility is crucial. Criteria such as having a clean record and abstaining from hard drugs (Items 4 and 5) reflect the band’s values. They also humorously mention the ability to handle alcohol (Item 6) and stress the importance of teamwork (Item 7) and humility (Item 12).

Serious applicants are urged to consider these requirements before applying. Fear Factory’s current tour schedule spans Australia and New Zealand, with upcoming appearances at Sick New World and Welcome to Rockville, potentially overlapping with Static-X commitments.

Looking for a pro bassist to fill in for Tony Campos whenever he’s on tour with Static X.
Must Haves:
1)Plays With A Pick (no fingers)
2)Touring Experience
3)Up to date Passport
4)No criminal record
5)No hard drugs
6)Not an alcoholic but must be able to walk a straight line after a bottle of tequila (cause Tony can do it)jk
7)Plays well with others
8)5 string bass
9)In-ear monitors required for click track.
10)USA residence preferred
11)Post a video performing Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
12)Ego is not your Amigo
*Serious Inquiries Only*
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