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SnS Three Question Session w/ THE KALEIDOSCOPE KID (3QS)

SnS asked The Kaleidoscope Kid about his favorite song on the new record, his top five guitar players, and what the TKK legacy should be (we also snuck in a bonus question on how the name “The Kaleidoscope Kid” came to be, All in our Three Question Session.

After Battling A Life Threatening Disease & Healing Himself Off-Grid In The Woods, The Kaleidoscope Kid Emerges With Feel-Good Single “Watermelon Kisses”

Phoenix singer/songwriter The Kaleidoscope Kid takes listeners on a psychedelic trip with his music, much like his own personal journey where he has gone from living in a cabin in the woods off-the-grid to battling an autoimmune disease that almost cost him his life.

After signing with Suburban Noize Records and flexing some idiosyncratic flows on “Hold Up”, The Kaleidoscope Kid has returned with a new single and video for “Watermelon Kisses”. With the maturity of ‘old soul, The Kaleidoscope Kids sings about being young and in love over a funky beat and some breezy acoustic guitars. The uplifting and feel-good vibrations of the song make you instantly want to put the song on repeat.

“The song ‘Watermelon Kisses’ was inspired by the beauty of a new relationship. The concept is based around what it feels like to first fall in love with someone,” said The Kaleidoscope Kid. “At the time in my life when the song was written, I had just recovered from a broken heart and I wasn’t sure if I would ever experience that connection again. Shortly after I met a beautiful woman who inspired the song and reminded me that everything happens for a reason.”

The Kaleidoscope Kid has created a wonderfully creative musical playground that is an immersive escape from daily life. Armed with some blues-style electric guitar riffs and hip-hop percussion, The Kaleidoscope Kid emerged from his journey living off-grid with a powerful self-titled debut album dropping 04/22/2022.

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