Three Days Grace Celebrate The Release Of Explosions With An SnS Exclusive “Mini-Mix”

SKRATCH N SNIFF is excited to bring you a new SNS Mini Mix featuring THREE DAYS GRACE!

We start the mix off with an SNS Remix of one of their best songs, NEVER TOO LATE (mashed up with some Korn & Eminem), keep the down-tempo vibes rolling with another Eminem-laced remix (THREE DAYS GRACE has stated their admiration for Eminem in past interviews). Then we kick up the energy with another SNS Remix of PAIN KILLER, then dipping into the catalog to play a song from THREE DAYS GRACE’s lead singer Matt Waist’s previous band MY DARKEST DAYS, which they had Ludacris add a very fitting rap verse to. And finally, a brand new song LIFETIME from their just-released album EXPLOSIONS, which is available on all platforms now.

Turn it up and go, from the only show that remixes your radio!

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