Hyro The Hero Goes Into The rANt rOoM

Time for another trip to The Skratch n’ Sniff rAnt Ro0m, this time with one of our favorite people Hyro The Hero. What’s grinding Hyro’s gears…I’ll give you a hint…IT MIGHT BE YOU! Check out the rerelease of “Kids Against The Monsters” feat @Corey Taylor of @Slipknot and @Stone Sour and more below.

Hyro The Hero drops Kids Against The Monsters (featuring Slipknot’s Corey Taylor), from the new mixtape project of the same name.

Hyro The Hero has continued his evolving mixtape “Kids Against The Monsters” with a stream of the title track. Several cuts from that effort have previously arrived online, many of which have sported some high profile guest appearances. You can stream that mixtape below along with this new single from it. Addressing this latest track, Hyro stated:  “My song ‘Kids Against The Monsters‘ has to be one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever done. I’m singing on the chorus, which I don’t often do, and I think the lyrics convey a meaningful and powerful message of how it feels going through society being looked down upon by the older generations. Big corporations, along with the people and power they represent, have too much control and yet are not understanding the youth’s reaction to the complications we are facing at this time. But technology has become a staple in our upbringing and has forced the world to listen to younger generations in ways they couldn’t before. I believe this song speaks to that and more in an epic way.” #HyroTheHero #KidsAgainstTheMonsters #CoreyTaylor 

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