Roy of Jagwar Twin puts on his Happy Face In The Skratch n’ Sniff 3 Question Session

Roy from Jagwar Twin Put On His Happy Face to hang with us in the Skratch n’ Sniff 3 Question Session.  We ask Roy about the feeling of performing on stage, the latest single “Happy Face” and what he sees as the legacy of Jagwar Twin.  See, Read, and Hear More Below.

On the heels of Subject to Flooding, featuring the acclaimed single “Loser”, rising alternative star Jagwar Twin has forged a unique partnership with culture-connected digital design agency CTHDRL to put out music independently. “Happy Face”, another Jagwar Twin musical collaboration with Grammy-Nominated producer Matthew Pauling, is the first single in a string of coming releases and is perfectly matched for the global uncertainty of the time.

Even while the world is literally and figuratively burning around us, we are told to put on a “happy face”, hold a smile, and continue going on with our “normal lives”. Are we content or are we content? To create fan anticipation around this idea, Jagwar Twin put up a cryptic splash countdown at deathofmygeneration.fun (check out the site archive here), which not only created buzz, but allowed fans to be a part of the campaign narrative by giving them an opportunity to leave voicemails that were then run through a voice digitizer and used as additional marketing leading up to the launch of the full site.

At the end of the countdown, deathofmygeneration.fun flipped to a facial recognition pre-save campaign, allowing fans to unlock the single before it hits DSP’s by holding a smile while watching dark video footage with the kind of messages we’ve been fed going back generations. As long as you smile, the song will continue to play but stop smiling and the song screeches to a stop. Fans who manage to make it all the way through while holding their smile unlock additional easter eggs including a secret merch capsule, portals to hidden videos that delve further into the meaning of the song, production credits, and more. Fans are also given the option to share their experience on social media.

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