Weapons Of Anew Debut New Singer With “Break The Ties” Music Video

     After two years, Tampa-based 5-piece Weapons of Anew are back with a new single “Break The Ties”. The song brings a new version of the band that  emphasizes on their energetic rock sound. I am loving how the music video gives the fan the experience of a Weapons of Anew concert and shows the rebirth of the band with the new additional band members. With this being the first release with the new members, I am excited to see what comes next. See More, Hear More, Live More with Skratch n’ Sniff and Weapons of Anew below!

.    Tampa-based hard rock outfit Weapons of Anew have returned with their brand new single and music video for “Break The Ties“. The song marks the debut of new frontman Richie Hume and drummer Lun’iah Fontana, and is the first single from their upcoming new album The Art of War coming later this year. 
      The song  ‘Break The Ties’ is about cutting away the bad and being in a more together space with everything,” said guitarist Freddy Ordine. “We recorded the song with Logan Maderand and we just hit it off. He really brought this West Coast vibe to what we do.”
     The Art of War was produced by Logan Mader (Machine Head, Soulfly, Once Human) and combines the crunchy power rifs with the stadium ready choruses that Weapons of Anew have become known for.
     Originally hailing from New Jersey, but transplanted to the Tampa Bay area, Weapons of Anew have quickly taken off with the hard rock scene. The group’s debut album, The Collision of Love and Hate, saw them hitting the road opening for Scott Stapp, Alter Bridge, Tesla, and countless others.
     Weapons of Anew would eventually go viral with their cover of The Chainsmokers “Sick Boy”, which peaked at #25 on Billboard Active Rock, #18 Billboard Indicator and #27 Mediabase Active Rock. The song has amassed over 1.2 million streams and continues to win over new audiences. 

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