Ryan Reynolds Is Making A Documentary About John Candy

Ryan Reynolds is coming hot off the success of his docuseries “Welcome to Wrexham” for FX on Disney+  He gets to put Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3, he has an Apple TV+ movie coming out with Will Ferrell.

One may suspect his love for John Candy sparked interest in his story. I mean, I’ve low key been wondering why we don’t have one. Lucky for us, his  production company has started developing a documentary about the late Canadian comedy icon.

Reynolds recently posted  his intentions in the twittersphere- “With John Candy trending, I’ll just say I love him. So much so, [production company Maximum Effort] is working on a documentary on his life with [Colin Hanks]. Expect tears.”

People Mag got confirmation that it is true. People also got confirmation that Candy’s family is involved in the project and will be giving Maximum Effort “access to his archive and home video footage.”

 Candy died of a heart attack in 1994 while filming Wagons East. In 2019, the 25th anniversary of Candy’s death, Reynolds tweeted out a tribute video that called him “a comedic genius and Canadian hero. He also tagged Candy’s children, Christopher and Jennifer (both of whom also shared Reynolds’ tweet about the documentary)

I can’t wait to see this documentary and will definitely keep you posted, intended.

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