Dropout Kings, Futuristic, The Color 8, and This Modern Cover Sam Smith

The "Unholy" Cover We Didn't Know We Needed

Love it or hate it the Sam Smith and Kim Petras hit Unholy is all over the place and reached the top of the charts in record time. 

Dropout Kings with the help of Futuristic, The Color 8  and This Modern gave us an Unholy  we can take to the moshpit and the dance floor.  (I’m the type of chick that can get her twerk on to trap metal and I make no apologies) 

Unholy in its native state is well crafted pop magic. The Dropout Kings, Futuristic, The Color 8 and This Modern  cover is reminiscent of the days of  heavy baselines , gritty guitars and aggressively melodic choruses. Ahhh, blessed are the days of yore.

One of the greatest things about where music is today is the unapologetic genre blending and I’m here for it.

What a time to be alive. 

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