Keanu Reeves’ Band Dogstar Working on Their First New Music in 20 Years

Dogstar, the 1990s alt-rock band including actor Keanu Reeves, is reuniting, producing fresh music, and preparing for their first live performances in nearly two decades. Last summer, the band made a comeback announcement.

The final song Dogstar released was a version of Mr. Big’s “Shine” for a tribute album in 2003. But since the release of their self-titled album in 2000, they haven’t put out any new music. The band announced their reunion in July 2022, and they have since provided an update.

“Thank you everyone for the kind comments,” Dogstar wrote in an April comment on their most recent Instagram photo about their activities. We are ecstatic to witness such an answer, they continued. “Never anticipated this. It encourages us to perform even more.

The band stated that they will be “rolling out some new music this summer, followed by some gigs” in regards to new Dogstar material and impending performances. We will inform everyone as soon as everything is resolved.

They continued, “So much to do, but rest assured, we are on it and have assembled a fantastic team.”

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