“The Crazies” Trailer (SKRATCH N SNIFF REMIXXX)

You know that SKRATCH N SNIFF can mix any music you give us, but when the new movie THE CRAZIES bought some ads on SKRATCH N SNIFF, and after we peeped the flick, we had to remix the trailer too!! This is the first of many “SKRATCH N SNIFF Approved” movies!!


Mike Czech and Malcolm checking out the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery March 15th 2009. Pardon the shaky camera, we were a little bit excited about this one…

SKRATCH N SNIFF Peep Show 3/3/08

Happy 5th b-day to SKRATCH N SNIFF!!! Remixing your radio since 2003! Mal and Mike discuss ice cream flavors, old school SKRATCH N SNIFF stations, and party favors… and Mike mobs a kickflip for the hell of it. Be there this weekend to party with SKRATCH N SNIFF!!!