Blink-182 Announce First Album with Tom Delonge Since 2011

Blink-182 fans, get ready.. the announcement we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! The long-awaited and highly anticipated new album from the pop-punk superstars, “One More Time…”, has just been announced. And what’s this? It’s triumphal return of singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge, who has been missing since his album “Neighbourhoods” from 2011, is a homecoming to make your 13 year old self burst. 

The title track single will be released on September 21. Indeed, you heard correctly—in only a few days!

DeLonge gave us a little  tease us on the virtual playground/dumpster fire  that is X (formerly Twitter). He  hinted that Blink-182’s “music video(s) and album are only weeks (days) away.” 

But then, three weeks went by, and we were left scratching our heads, wondering what happened. The pop-punk icons had us guessing, and we were all in the dark.

 Blink’s shiny new album is set to drop on October 20th, and we couldn’t be more stoked! 

To make things even more exciting, the band spilled the beans on social media and treated us to a killer four-minute video trailer. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the excitement, check out the track listing, and get ready to rock out when “One More Time…” finally hits the airwaves!

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