Young The Giant “Superposition (Reprise)” (VIDEO)

The ultra-smooth dudes from Young The Giant gave their new smash song SUPERPOSITION a little acoustic mellow re-do. Worth a watch, and one of the few times that you’ll ever see a comment section full of compliments and praise. Catch the OG of this jam in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend.

Simple Creatures “Drug” (LYRIC VIDEO)

SIMPLE CREATURES consists of Mark Hoppus (blink-182) and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low). Hoppus and Gaskarth, long-time friends who both found some downtime whilst blink-182 and All Time Low were between albums, and they came together to work on something a little different. We’ve got their new song DRUG in the SNS ALT Mix this weekend, and watch the lyric video right now so you can sing along!